Round Table: How To Navigate In The New World Of Work
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Roundtable Discussion
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Roundtable Discussion
We are now in the Age of Entrepreneurship, where the only one in charge of your career is you. Recognizing that you do not need to cede control to a company, and that you are the CEO of your own destiny, is the first step to achieving the career of your dreams. Adopting a new mindset is the secret to succeeding in this new era. In this Jolt Workshop, the SOJIs take the stand as we give you the opportunity to join forces with young professionals like you, for a 90-minute brainstorm. This Workshop is guaranteed to send you off with a list of solid advice that could help you breeze through the gates of the new world.
Questions this talk answers:
How can you turn the fear from changes into an advantage?
Which skills are relevant to the new world, and how can you develop them?
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Roundtable Discussion
Moderator @ Jolt
This Jolt is a discussion based Jolt.
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